Digital Integrated Cardiovascular Record (DICR)

Digital Integrated Cardiovascular Record (DICR)

VERICIS integrates data from different sites and different sources to create a comprehensive digital record on each patient.

At any time and from virtually anywhere, authorized users have instant access to the patient’s complete, up-to-date cardiac file, including data from:

  • Multiple cardiac imaging modalities – cath, IVUS, echo, nuclear, CT, CVMR, and x-ray
  • Text-based and non-imaging sources – hemodynamics, outpatient records and physician reports
  • Multiple locations – the reading room, surgery, ED, physician offices, clinics.

By eliminating the islands of information within cardiovascular modalities, hospitals, and physician offices, VERICIS delivers a complete longitudinal cardiovascular record organized as it should be – around the patient.

And VERICIS makes this digital record available throughout your enterprise, no matter the size or geographic distribution of your affiliated services.

Roles of Pharmacies in Cardiovascular Treatment

Roles of Pharmacies in Cardiovascular Treatment

The act of a mcallen pharmacy is viewed as an essential part of a human services group to give the best quality utilization of pharmaceuticals. This objective can be accomplished by cooperation in the administration of individual patients, fuse of the best accessible proof, and exchange of this information to medicinal services experts in all practice settings to ensure the most extreme conceivable nature of patient care.

The primary goal of this audit is to compress the part of clinical mcallen drug store administrations in all features of cardiovascular sicknesses (CVD) in hospitalized patients.

For the reasons of the present survey, databases including MEDLINE/PUBMED and Scopus and in addition trial registries were efficiently looked from initiation through March second, 2012. Catchphrases were: clinical drug store/drug specialist and cardiology, cardiovascular, cardiovascular, heart disappointment, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and anticoagulant. Endeavors were made to incorporate all studies reporting the effect of clinical drug store administrations with an attention on an inpatient setting. European thinks about that included healing facility drug specialists were likewise included following the quantity of clinical drug specialists was restricted in these nations. The essential result measure evaluated was the contrast between the levels of consideration in patients getting pharmaceutical administrations versus those accepting standard treatment. The consequences of this hunt were ordered into aversion of medication-related issues, administration of cardiovascular danger elements, pharmaceutical look after heart disappointment patients, and anticoagulant administration.

VERICIS for Cardiology

VERICIS for Cardiology

Supporting the Continuum of Cardiovascular Care

Information on cardiac patients crosses the boundaries of location and time.

It flows in a continuum from physician offices and clinics … into the hospital environment … across imaging modalities and care areas … and back to primary caregivers.

VERICIS for Cardiology is the first technology to capture patient data across the continuum of cardiovascular cardiac care and provide clinicians and managers with easy access to it from virtually any location.

With this rich repository of up-to-date clinical information literally at your fingertips, you have a unique and powerful new tool to assist your ongoing efforts to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Increase efficiency in the department and across the enterprise
  • Control costs