Digital Integrated Cardiovascular Record (DICR)

Digital Integrated Cardiovascular Record (DICR)

VERICIS integrates data from different sites and different sources to create a comprehensive digital record on each patient.

At any time and from virtually anywhere, authorized users have instant access to the patient’s complete, up-to-date cardiac file, including data from:

  • Multiple cardiac imaging modalities – cath, IVUS, echo, nuclear, CT, CVMR, and x-ray
  • Text-based and non-imaging sources – hemodynamics, outpatient records and physician reports
  • Multiple locations – the reading room, surgery, ED, physician offices, clinics.

By eliminating the islands of information within cardiovascular modalities, hospitals, and physician offices, VERICIS delivers a complete longitudinal cardiovascular record organized as it should be – around the patient.

And VERICIS makes this digital record available throughout your enterprise, no matter the size or geographic distribution of your affiliated services.