Our Business
VMI Medical Inc., a subsidiary of Camtronics Medical Systems, is a medical information software company based in Ottawa, Canada. We develop, market and support point-of-care clinical information management and workflow automation products and solutions for cardiac care centers throughout North America.

Our Customers and Products
In 1996, VMI Medical pioneered and implemented EchoVACS, the world’s first all-digital image and information system for echocardiography [cardiac ultrasound], for the Division of Cardiology at the Ottawa Hospital. EchoVACS eliminated delays associated with videotape and paper-based records in the center’s day-to-day operations, thereby making it possible for clinicians and administrative staff to capture, interpret and report echocardiograms in an all-digital environment. Efficiency gains realized through EchoVACS have led to steady gains in exam throughput every year, better service levels and improved quality of care without a corresponding increase in staff. Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, also in Ottawa, helped define the unique pediatric features of EchoVACS, and became our second charter site for EchoVACS in early 1997.

In mid-1997, VMI Medical began a privileged development relationship with the Non-Invasive Cardiology Laboratory at Children’s Hospital, Boston. Children’s, one of the world’s best known and most respected children’s heart centers, has ranked first among US News: Best Hospitals, Pediatrics for ten straight years. Cardiologists at Children’s have worked closely with VMI Medical from 1994 to 1997 to define, prototype and refine features aimed at making EchoVACS the world standard in pediatric echocardiography information systems.

During 1998 and 1999, VMI Medical staff put EchoVACS to work on over fifty leading cardiac care centers across the United States. The trial program included two-day workshops, beta production test and multi-week investigative projects. The feedback from this program was invaluable, helping us generalize and extend the feature set of EchoVACS to address the diverse clinical, business, technical and financial needs of heart centers throughout the United States.

Since mid-2000, EchoVACS has become the product of choice at 20 of North America’s leading heart centers with pediatric cardiology teaching programs. EchoVACS was rapidly becoming the de-facto standard at cardiac care centers who are determined to be tomorrow’s leaders in the detection, assessment and treatment if congenital and acquired heart disease in fetal, neonatal and pediatric care settings. As good as EchoVACS was, the underlying Mpeg image storage architecture was not DICOM compliant. In 2002 VMI Medical Inc. entered into a marketing/development agreement with Camtronics Medical Systems, which resulted in Vericis/EchoIMS. Camtronic’s VericisTM a multi modality DICOM compliant image management system provided unparalleled image quality while EchoIMSTM the next generation congenital echocardiograghy reporting system encapsulated the unique features of EchoVACS into an unparalleled solution, Vericis/EchoIMS. http://www.camtronics.com/echo-ims Vericis/EchoIMS has been installed at several Children’s heart Centers and Camtronics/VMI will continue our close partnership with these centers helping them improve outcomes, lower costs, gain competitive advantage, win high accreditation and, above all, earn the lifelong admiration and respect of their patients.

In 2001, VMI Medical commenced development of CardioIMS, a new product offering developed to seamlessly gather, integrate and manage data from existing cardiology applications. CardioIMS logically integrates physically distributed data providing department-wide access to critical cardiology information. CardioIMS helps launch Cardiology Departments into a new standard of electronic information management. Gaining command of information and eliminate the tedium of sifting through paper, duplicate data entry and searching for inaccessible data. CardioIMS has been in full production at Texas Children’s Hospital since February, 2002. Implementations have been completed at Children’s Heart Center of South Carolina at MUSC, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati.

Our People
Step inside VMI Medical, and you’ll find an enthusiastic, diverse and highly-skilled group of individuals who are individually and collectively committed to our mission to provide the very best in information technology to help clinicians care for children and adults with heart disease. You’ll see that, as a team, we’re exceptionally customer-focused. More than half of our 50 professionals are in daily contact with our customers helping them select, deploy, learn and use cardiology products in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our Future
Today, VMI Medical is building upon the success and rapid market adoption of EchoVACS with Vericis/EchoIMS. CardioIMS our enterprise-class information management solutions for cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, are tailored to each institution’s unique needs. Access to our enterprise-class clinical database repositories is highly scalable, fully web-enabled, and seamlessly integrated with each hospital’s patient registry, order, results and billing systems. In the coming years, VMI Medical solutions will lead the way in addressing the entire spectrum of clinical, business, technical and financial information needs of progressive cardiac care centers worldwide.